• Much respect to this breeder for admitting this is trash. I see people saying wow this is exotic no it is not, poor dog may be in pain. Let's stick to the standard and improve our breed.
    • Agreed. Know the standards and breed towards it. Test for genetic faults before breeding. Don't breed dogs that throw poor quality dogs even if the dam or Sire looks nice. They carry the bad gene.

      Also keep in mind some were being sarcastic with nice comments.
  • I agree this is a train wreck. It is good that he will not breed this dog. I would go so far as to say that the two that produced this should not be bred either. At least one of them carry the gene that caused this deformity. Even though you might now see it in any other dog int that litter they still can pass this on to future generations of dogs. The only way to stop it is is to not breed the sire and dam again or any of their offspring.

  • Wow true breeder
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  • I bet if he didn't caption that you would of seen 1 million badass comment 

  • yup

  • I respect him to the fullest
  • Holy shit an honest breeder <img src='' />
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