• I just wish there would have been real pics and side shots of lucky luciana. .
    • Don't worry this was just a warm up competitions and prizes will be bigger
  • Congrats to lucky luciana! ,my dog and her have the same sire and the same name (except the lucky part) , so in a way I felt like I won too cause they both look alot alike ,my girl is only 10 months tho .
  • thank you to everyone who voted for our Lucky Lucianna!

    • Any pups coming soon off lucky lucianna
    • You will need to upload the photo you want to go up against Gottiline bounce in the photo section of the site and share it most likes win 

  • The dog that won got more votes than your dog singly and collectively
  • I wanna know what individuals were responsible for counting the c votes for the female stack off Ive posted several pics of my female PR CTE ROXCKSCIE and collectively she received 17 votes to the standing winner of 11 and this ain't right
    • 21 votes if u add the vote from its 2 photos 11 being the highest single photo votes counted
    • So just imagine if everyone posted 4 pics the dog that won had 2 pics with more votes than your 3 images lol
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