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URO1. CH. AKCM Grace, CGC Lure Course

URO1. CH. AKCM Grace, CGC on her second Lure Course run. She improved her time. She took 1st place in large breed dogs. She had one of the best times of the weekend with 10.05 seconds.

There were a number of people that saw her first ever run the day before. They all wanted to see her run again. They were amazed at a large dog being that fast. Some commented on how powerful she is. Everyone noticed how fast she is. Someone said all they could think about is I wouldn't want her coming at me. One couple said she is so fast and so graceful. I replied her name is Grace. They replied that Grace is graceful. She is graceful. She runs and it appears as if there is no effort to moving so swiftly. She has the poise and grace of a cat.

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