SOURCECashpot’s Death, Fishy Timeline, And Semen
juggernautThere are some people who feel that I write these blogs to start trouble, without even realizing that I am actually trying to spur their thought process into what could be the truth, as it often is.
Let’s continue into the search for the truth about Cashpot’s death.

I recently wrote a post stating that Cashpot may not have died from respiratory infection as was stated. I also commented about when he may have died.
I honestly believe that Chavez was hiding Cashpot’s death in order to continue selling semen straws under the pretense that they came from his #1 stud. I also will be willing to make a public apology to Chavez if there was evidence that I am wrong. I am trusting my instincts for now though.

Capshot-Chavez-Conversation Recently, a trusted source sent me an image of a conversation of someone inquiring if Cashpot had died. Chavez reply was “he is here and ready to go”. The conversation started on November 12th.

Think To Yourself, Isn’t It Ironic?
After seeing the text message image to the left( I hope that you clicked on it to enlarge), isn’t it ironic that Cashpot comes up dead two weeks later?
If you ask me, people were beginning to catch on and the crap was about to hit the fan so he came up with the respiratory infection story.

Using His Sons Semen A Big Possibility
It is also said that Chavez has been using Cashpot’s son Juggernaut semen straws and passing it off as Cashpot’s semen. Even though I do not know if this is true, I totally see how this could work. The more straws he could sell without anyone knowing, the longer he could actually hold on to Cashpot’s actual semen. The next question is, it it truly Cashpot’s semen in those straws? Capshot was 3 years old and it is possible with his untimely death to not have any semen saved from him. If Chavez lied about Cashpot’s death for months, what else might he lying about?

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  • Mane we had classic discussions on here we broke the news
  • Shady people I tell you

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