• Some of us or forgetting the true purpose of a show. It is not to get your dogs out there. The real purpose of a show is to have your dogs examined by a third part non-partial qualified judge to evaluate your breeding stock. Trials have a different purpose. It is is to keep your dogs from boredom because they are doing different things. it is to have your dog prove its working abilities. The dog should be able to work even with distractions around. There are plenty of distractions in a trial. The dog can have a great pedigree but it need to be able to perform and not just look good on paper. The dog should have a function.Then having working titles as well as conformation title shows that your dog is the total package. This is why you can charge that amount for their offspring and for a stud fees.

    Too often people get a dog because of a name in the pedigree and think they will produce quality dogs and that that dog is worth more than it is. The dog itself has proven nothing. A great example has been posted as a discussion here. Some person got a 5 moth old puppy and want $2500 stud fee. What has that pup done to deserve any stud fee? What has it produced? Nothing What working titles does it have? How many Best in show, breed, group? has it won? How do we even know it will produce any pups? Can it produce other champions? having a champion in the pedigree does not guarantee future champions. Champions also throw pet quality dogs. If the line is bred too tight it will produce sterile dogs.

    Pedigree is nice. But Performance is what counts the most. We need to put them both together and have a good pedigree and great performance. In addition to this we need to produce healthy dogs.

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    • That's true. And there did use to be opportunities to show off your dogs functionality. Weight pulling was a staple event at shows. But then people started bringing less functional dogs more and more and so weight pulling fell off the charter. What Miagi or Cashpot son was going to do anything in a weight pulling event? Nothing but be a waste of time.

  • Most shows don't get enough promotion. Or when they do, the dogs are shit. Most breeders with good dogs are relying on social media to get their dogs out there, because the shows aren't reliable with the promotion. You can have a beautiful dog, but the dog gets beat out by some Exotic looking thing having a heart attack in the ring with you.

  • They sit around complaining to much this is why they are being left behind

  • We maybe their last hope lol
  • I think they lost faith I remember when you were guarentee to see a bullywebtv and a bullybadasstv video every day with atleast 2 dogs one their channel now bullywebtv is dead and bullybadasstv is on its way there ,to where hes uploading different breeds they all are struggling to get content
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