This fool done bumped his head lol don't talk to him if you don't have 5 figures for that garbage that never produced a single hitter lmao I rather pay 20 k for Mr Bean stud fee.
After toss n and turn n in my sleep I have finally decided to sell my Boy Bank Head(Direct Miagi Son) UKC. He has consistently produced for my program and I have females off him that I will be run n back to my boy Spit Money who I produced. I'm building 100% my blood lines and Bankhead helped me get there by producing some amazing Exotics for me. Unfortunately I didn't produce Bankhead so I'm going to let someone else come up. Ask anyone who has seen him in person and they will tell you this boy is amazing. If you don't have 5 figures to spend please don't hit me up. This boy is available to only someone who can afford him I don't do financing and all that crazy stuff. Boy is super short n compact. Come out and chk him out in person..#PLEASESHARE

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  • I got 2500 hoobly dollars
  • Wow
    • still ain't worth 5 figures

    • still ain't worth 3 figures

  • 3292404541?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    Hes not a bad looking dog I actually like him for what he is but like everyone says what did he produce to be worth 5 figures

  • I've seen a few videos of him he's a cool looking dog ripped don't know much of what he produced tho
  • What did he do or produced that makes him worthy of those figures ?
    • he did nothing besides is owned by a big mouth guy who thinks he's the best think the bully community has ever seen 

  • Those Chinese may pay that
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