Why exotic type bullies die young !

A lot of breeders do not realize when you use an American Bully then you cross them with smaller breed type dogs such as French Bulldogs,Pugs etc the organs from those dogs transfers to the pups that's why we have short dogs with long back's, legs of the French Bulldogs body of an American Bully Heart of a Pug .

When all is said and done they don't realize why these dogs die off heat stroke and other such generic disease,when you have exotics with a lot or girth mass etc with a heart too large or too small the bodies of these dogs do not function correctly .

Why can't these dogs walk a mile without giving up or passing out? Simple the organs of these animals are not functioning correctly and when the brain is telling the heart pump more blood and it can't due to the heart being to small .

Every dog is a potential victim of heat exhaustion, but the shorter breathing system of the Bulldog is what puts them at such very strong risk for heat stroke. Shorter airway means less possibility of cooling the air which the dogs draws into its body. Dogs do not sweat. Their only means of reducing built-up body heat is by panting. The leading cause of heat exhaustion, and its advancing into heat stroke; is leaving a dog in a hot car, but there are other things that cause it like the loss of electric in your home on a hot day while your at work,ect . Even on a mild day (75-80 degrees), the temperature inside a car can raise up to 130 degrees rather quickly. Leaving a window slightly open will not prevent heat buildup.

All Bulldogs, no matter how well they breath, or how active they are, are at risk from Heat Stroke.

The first signs of heat exhaustion: a) Excessive panting b) The skin on the inside of the ears becomes flushed and red. Heat Exhaustion can progress in to Heat Stroke, as indicated by: a) Weakness b) Staggering c) Fainting - loss of consciousness Heat stroke is an emergency situation. If your dog shows signs of heat stroke, you must cool him down as rapidly as possible. Don't wait for veterinary treatment. Heat Stroke is an Emergency - Treat the dog NOW! DO NOT try to force your dog to drink. His swelling airways can cause any liquid he takes in to be regurgitated and possibly aspirated into his lungs. However if a dogs temperature is 105 or higher rub a piece of ice on his tongue, 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Hose the dog down with cool water - not cold. Apply an ice pack to the dog, and soaked towels or any other form of fabric to their body.

Advice ! Practice safe and selective breeding's stop chasing the money and focus on the breed !!!!!

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