Why Most Kennels Fail!

The majority of people get into the dog breeding business for a one of two reasons, either money, or because they love the breed.  Some are successful in bettering the breed, while others do damage to it. We will try to guide you on how to better the breed, and hopefully help you make some money while your at it.

With anything in life if your spending more than your making you should stop,If you have a budget of $100k and you decide to spend $20 k on dogs just remember you have to recoup that money just as fast as you spend it .Let's do some maths $100k - $20k leaves you at $80k then you need food health, supplies and more , so that runs you another $5k a month depending on the size of your kennel.

If you're a show person add another $5k a month for travel and food expense ,so now that leave us at $70k .Now what did you make so far after spending $30k? 0 ,you now decide to do a breeding ,now its time to whelp the litter that's another $1k .Here is the fun part your trying to sell pups to a community that has the same type of dogs/bloodline you have what are your chances of selling these pups?

A good quality foundation dog will usually run in the 2,500 – 3,500 price range. Anything more than this, don’t bother. I’ve ran across kennels that have 10,000 price tags on their puppies. While they may be producing nice dogs, they usually don’t have anything that you can’t find cheaper somewhere else. The reason people pay these ridiculous prices for dogs is always due to lack of knowledge about the breed. Anyone with any type of knowledge about American Bully bloodlines would never pay this much for a dog. Just keep in mind, just because the price tag is high, doesn’t mean it’s worth it.

Do not try to compete with the highest seller do not chase whats  hot in the public opinion and you won't go down the path of destruction .We are at a $30 k lost now its time to try to recoup some of that money .If you can't sell the pups why get rid of them for free to spend more money on what is hot ? Your chasing the money ,money prints everyday there is no shortage of it but there is with common sense .

Lets take a look at the top bloodline lets say Remyline and Daxline ,Fabien and Ed Shepard took one dog and created a movement .They did not buy 10 dogs or whatever was hot at the moment and ride the other person's wave they created their own wave .Fabien got his bread winner with $500 and a tread mill Ed Shepard by breeding what he visioned .

So the slogan it takes money to make money do not live by that literally it's not always true unless its working and you need some to get more exposure .Explore the web there are billions of sites out there Facebook boards only occupy your time and get you caught up in the hype your doing nothing but wasting time and not making money .Cut down on the size of your kennel stick with 2 dogs of your liking not the other persons liking because you have to feed those dogs not them.

You cannot be The Bully Camp Jorge or Ed Shepard or Fabien those guys got lucky Jorge ,Fabien and Ed will not have again what made them popular that special dog .Primo is not Dax, Bolow would never be Miagi and White Remy ,Remy Low Jack Martin. If your a regular buyer there is no way you will be successful in this breed,only retailers and sellers are the successor .

                                     STOP SPENDING MORE THAN YOUR EARNING

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  • You took the words right out of my mouth. Breeding for the love of the breed is priceless. On the other hand it's spendy to be a responsible breeder
    • I rather buy a pup from a person who truly does this for the love of the breed and treats their pets as a family then buy from a breeder who is just breeding for the money and treats their animals as just a product in the yard coup up in a small cage/kennel all year long and only take them out for pictures to put up for advertising.
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