Working Dogs?

How many people here actually work their dogs?

Many people when calling their dog a working dog only think or the assume that mean doing some type of bite work/protection with the dogs. Working includes a variety of things. It can include dock diving, obedience, agility, Rally, CGC, protection sports, herding, hunting, hog catching, fly-ball, Frisbee.

How many here have dogs with any type of working title?

My dogs work. My dogs used to hunt, but aren't actively hunting right now. I do personal protection and in the near future I will do PSA. My dogs have earned working titles and well as confirmation titles. I would like to do dock diving also. I'm supposed to start doing dock diving training starting this Spring. I will have at least 3 dogs with a Rally Obedience title next year. My dogs also weight-pull.

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  • Sorry to hear about you losing a dog. That will happen if you are catching hogs. A dog will catch one too many hogs and the hog eventually wins. In my opinion catching gods is the ultimate epitome of working dogs.  It doesn't get any tougher than test a dogs courage and abilities to work. 

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  • Mines just chases squirrels lol

  • I use to work my dogs well hog hunting then a hog killed my favorite dog and I stopped

  • I have 5 working dogs. I didn't mention how many dogs I

    I forgot to mention service dogs and therapy dogs as working dogs. Years ago I thought  about sending one of my American bulldogs to this place I think was in Tennessee to train them for hog catching even though I had no plans on hunting any hogs. My dogs were out of Hines who did a lot of hog catching. He tried to get me to come down for a hunt. I turned it down. I met a guy from Chicago that has some dogo argentinos that loves to catch hogs with his dogs.

  • I own 9+working dogs
    - 4 Service Dogs
    -3 protection
    -2 weight pulling champ
    -3 hog dogs
    -7 training to be S&R dogs
    I am one that believes that a working dog is a happy dog.
    • Yes a working dog is a happy dog!

    • You got a hell of a list there 

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