Fabian exotics

Why did Fabian switch to exotics? He starting an exotic registry now? Asking for a friend
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  • The new Jim jones he led his flock to the poison let them drank it then abandoned them and went another direction lol 

  • lol they look alike
  • wow
  • http://www.thisisbully.com/videos/mr-remyline-is-now-mr-010-exotics
    Mr Remyline Is Now Mr 010 Exotics
    Did Fabien sellout and went where the money is ?
  • Lol this guy
  • He said he has functional exotics ok
    • So he's saving the breed?
      • Yea and make you all tattoo his shit on yall bodies lmao
        • Lol
        • Daaaang<img src='http://bkserv3.net/smiley/109.gif' />
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