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What website would you recommend to post stud services? Logan just turned a year and a half and I'm ready to stud him out. Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • Hoobly and those sites if Craigslist is still up but fb and Instagram is your best options 

    • I'll try Craigslist. I just have to figure out how much to start him off at.

  • Create your own or find Facebook groups and post him there

    • Do you know if I can post him here as a stud?

      • Ah you can post anything here as you please you can create your own group have your own photo and video sections even integrate your youtube channel and put your own banners and name on your group like anywhere else. We are working on this pedigree database which will be a video pedigree data but its taking a while to get everything right before making any more updates such as a listing to sell products..

        • Thanks! I'll post one here. I just have to take better pictures. It's hard with him because he's running around most of the time.  

          • I suggest you create a YouTube account and just film him upload it there grow a audience and you can share the videos on here and other platforms much easier 

            • I appreciate your advice. Thanks! 

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