A  City in Kentucky Passed an Unfair Pit Bull Ban – Act Now to Save Dogs!

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend and for good reason. Their undying love and loyalty have made them our most trustworthy and reliable friends in the world. The American Pit Bull as we know them today descends from the iconic American Staffordshire Terrier, a large breed dog so gentle and family-oriented that they were often given babysitting duties in Victorian times. Sadly, because of the strength and large size of these dogs, they have been abused and exploited in the underground dog fighting industry, where they are brutally trained to become aggressive. Because of this, the beautiful American breed is now associated with aggression, and many places have banned Pit Bulls, including in Alexandria, Kentucky.

Research has shown that in cases of dogs attacking humans, the breed of the dog was not a factor. Rather, the mistreatment or mishandling of the dog was to blame. Additionally, in a temperament test, Pit Bulls ranked fourth out of the 122 breeds tested, showing that temperament is caused by upbringing, not breed. There is no evidence to prove that banning Pit Bulls or any other breed prevents dog bite incidents.

petition on Care2 is asking us to send a message to Alexandria, Kentucky’s Mayor William T. Rachford, Jr. asking him to repeal the city’s ban on Pit Bulls. If raised in nurturing environments, all dogs have the capability to be our best friends. If raised in an abusive or neglectful environment, any dog has the potential to grow wary of and act aggressively toward humans. The problem with Pit Bulls does not lie with the dogs; the problem lies with the people who mistreat them.

Unfortunately, Pit Bull bans not only tarnish the image of this breed but they also contribute to their already high rates of euthanasia. It’s estimated that around 93 percent of Pit Bulls who enter shelters will be put down due to stigmas against them. Repealing this law is not just about changing perceptions – it’s about saving lives.

Please take a moment to sign this petition to repeal Alexandria’s breed ban, and please share with your network to help spread the truth surrounding Pit Bulls and other banned breeds!


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