A police officer was caught on camera shooting 2 pit bulls

The police officer claimed he felt threatened but we got cameras and you can see the whole mf thing , the dogs DIDNT EVEN CHARGE AT THE OFFICER THE FIRST ONE WAS WALKING UP TO HIM WITH HIS TAIL WAGGING . I'm so mad rn and can't even say much but here's for y'all to see for yourselves. SHARE THIS !!!!! They not getting away w ts Jennifer LeMay

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  • You check the coward jumping the gate how did he get inn? If he got in the way he got out what makes him think a dog won't come forward to see who's in their yard
  • Sad... Blame the media
  • Probably never been around the breed at all...
  • Officer coward plz return the badge and gun
  • Fucking shit head coward
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