Many years ago I had the pleasure of training, announcing, and judging beside our newest ABKC Judge. Today, I have the honor of welcoming back a dogman I've known for over a decade; and one I respect for his passion, his dedication, and his commitment to the American Bully and every other breed of purebred dog he has been involved in. His experience, knowledge and understanding of dogs along with a deep commitment to integrity in his practice will prove to be an asset to our diverse team of ABKC Judges.
Now, without further ado please help us give our newest ABKC Judge a warm ABKC welcome....
ABKC Judge Tony Gold
"Hello, my name is Tony Gold , some of you may know me as Weight In Gold Kennels and you could say that dogs are my life. I don’t think there has ever been a period in my life where I didn’t own a dog. Growing up, I would find strays and sneak them into my parent’s home, just so I could nurse them back to health. I would spend countless hours reading various books on different types of breeds. It was around this time that I discovered and became infatuated with the Japanese Akita. I saved up my money and purchased my first purebred AKC Akita at the age of 12. From that point on, I became heavily involved with the breed and started to participate in AKC events. Fortunately, I befriended an AKC judge by the name of Betty Krug. Ms. Krug, from my understanding, was the first importer and breeder of the Japanese Akita in the United States. Her dogs were the foundation of pretty much any Akita line around back then. It was because of Ms. Krug's kindness and willingness to take me under her wing, that gave me the opportunities to learn as much as I could about dog breeding. I gained a clear understanding of the importance of a sound and functional dog and that sculpted me into the dog enthusiasts that I am today.
One day, during a visit to the library I discovered a book called "The World of The American Pit Bull Terrier," written by Richard Stratton. After reading this book I knew that the APBT was going to be my next venture. I went on to produce and breed some of the best working American Bullies to ever look through a collar. I competed in ADBA shows and weight pulling events for many years, where I produced, handled and titled many dogs. Additionally, I had a few Am staff / APBT bred dogs that I competed with in United Kennel Club sanctioned events. It wasn't until 2005 that I acquired my first bully and by 2007, I completed my first American Bully breeding. Since then, I have been heavily involved and dedicated to the evolution of the American Bully, and I take great pride in only breeding the most sound and complete specimens possible. In 2011, ABKC offered me the opportunity to come on board and join their team of judges and I accepted. Throughout the years , I have handled and produced many titled dogs and have had the privilege of travelling the world and judging for several different registries. Because I’m so enthusiastic about canines, I take great pride in being an ABKC Judge. I always strive to better myself by staying educated on all ABKC breeds so that I can be confident that I am doing my part with helping the breeds move forward and evolve. I'm extremely excited to be able to represent the ABKC and to serve our community."
Written by Deanna Johns
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