Battle Of The Bullies

Bully-breed owners face a never-ending fight of good vs evil impressions that surround them.

As the proud owner of a bully-breed dog,you probably know that your life with him presents a few more challenges than if you'd chosen,say a German Shepard or another,less controversial breed.

You might have heard other dog owners turn down play dates with your sweet American Pit Bull Terrier
 because they worry that dog-on-dog aggression could surface in the presents of their pups.when out on a walk,parents might whisk their toddlers into their arms until you and your affable Bull Terrier have passed.Professional dog trainers might even recommend that you take your loveable Bully to a one -on-one class because they think other owners wouldn't feel comfortable around him.

Are there impressions incorrect,unfair and based on outdated misconceptions about what these dogs "really" are like? Absolutely.What matters most is how you react to these misinformed views.Do you become angry at people who buy into the myths? Or do you take a deep breathe,remember how these myths developed,and work to dispel them through training and good manners lessons?

The good news is that the bully breeds are smart,trainable dogs who respond well to consistent coaching and encouragement from their owners.The even better news is that the second edition of Training secrets for Bully Breeds can help you mold your dog into a well-mannered,sociable companion,the kind you'll feel proud to parade around in hopes of dispelling the negative myths that surround bully breeds.


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  • I love my bullies and wouldn't want anything else.They are the most wonderful and loving dogs.I have two boys and they are their protectors.My two girls them to death and would never hurt a hair on their heads.And I will fight for that picture everyday.

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