Become a Perfect American Bully Breeder

Become a Perfect American Bully Breeder

Every dog owner knows the American bully is still fairly new and also an unstable. Breeding the smaller French bulldogs is a different ball game. But every pit bull breeder must know certain things to ensure a perfect breed.

On social media every bully breeder claims to be the best. However, there are certain things that needed to be ensured before you plan on breeding American bullies.

Build the Proper Kennel

For a perfect American Bully breed you need to bring the proper foundation dogs. For that reason you need to build the proper kennel.

Roofing and installing proper heating/cooling in the kennel is very essential to make sure that the foundation dogs are comfortable. Make sure that you keep track of the health of the dogs. Try and avoid keeping substances like hay as it attracts insects and can make the dogs fall sick.  

Choosing the Perfect Bloodline

You should be able to detect the bloodline of the dogs which will allow you to have the breed of your choice. For creating American bullies you should ideally need Remyline line of breeds or sometimes the much desired Razors Edge.

Now if you are looking to create something exotic and extreme then Kurupt bloodline might perfectly suit your requirement. Gottiline is also giving wonderful results in some of the newer kennels breeding American bullies.

Finding the Foundation Dogs

Once you have decided on the bloodline then you can just visit a proper kennel to get your foundation dogs. For breeding American bullies Daxline can be an ideal kennel to find your foundation dogs.

Consistent litters can also be found from Kurput Lines and also West Coast Gottline. Obtain the entire pedigree information before purchasing the foundation dogs. This will give you a proper view of the outcome in your own kennel.

Avoid Scams

During the purchase of the puppies make sure that the proper UKC papers are in place. Get hold of the puppies’ papers at the time of the purchase and don’t settle for a later date.

Also at the same time, ask for the pictures of the registration papers for both the sire and the dam from the breeder. This will help you get knowledge about the proper bloodline of your breed and get assurance of the purity of the gene line.

Join the American Bully Community

Once you have built your own kennel and breeding your own pit bull litters then it is vital that you join the American Bully Community. From there you can get guidance, advises and information regarding the ways to consistently produce quality litters.

Use Social Media to Advertise your American Bully

Once the purity of the bloodline of your litters is assured then you promote your kennel online and turn it into a profitable venture. Grow a proper reputation by sharing images and information about your litters.

Use mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Thisisbully Forums on Facebook, Bullypedia, and similar other platforms. Whilst posting photos and adverts make sure that you are using the proper tags like #pitbull #bully and #thisisbully #Abkc

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