Deal with Digging

Save your yard and your sanity with these simple tips.

Does your bully dig holes after holes in your yard?

Find the cause: Two reasons why a bully enjoys digging,to entertain himself or to escape the heat.The well muscled,stocky build of bully breeds causes them to feel the heat more than some other dogs.

Provide a digging spot: Give them a place to dig,this is far easier than trying to stop the digging.Dig a pit,and fill it with sand or dirt,depending on its purpose.for the shade seeking bully,place the pit in the shady spot,and fill it more with dirt than with sand,which heats up more quickly than dirt.If shade's not the issue,locate the pit anywhere that's convenient,and fill it with sand only.

Show your dog the pit: Hide some treats or toys in the pit.Then,take your dog outside to the area,run to the pit,dig up something you've have hidden,and act delighted with what you've found.If its a treat,give it to the dog if it's a toy,play with the dog.

Redirect his attention: for the next few weeks,supervise your bully outside,if he starts digging anywhere but the pit,interrupt him ,run to the pit,and dig there.Hide some new treats or toys so that your dog will have more incentive to dig in the pit.Consistently redirect his attention,most dogs eventually will continue their digging to the pit and will prefer to leave rest of the yard alone.

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  • My older female diamond digs a lot,so I have an area in her pen where she can dig and have a cooling spot.She loves to lay in the dirt to stay cool.Other than that she isn't just a digger.

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