Humans breed the dogs purposefully and selectively for hundreds of years, either by the mixing of inbreeding dogs from same ancestral group or by mixing of dogs from a wide variety of groups. As a result of this, we can now get a wide variety of hybrids and breeds amongst the dogs. This long process of selective breeding by humans resulted in dogs which are genetically more diverse than any other mammal on earth. Thus we can get dogs which are the only beings with such more variation in appearance as well as the behaviour without any speciation.

Top 10 dog breeds:

Ranking of dog breeds has been released by American kennel club (AKC), every year. Though some breeds are top tens perennially, there will be some changes every year. Here is a list of top tens:

Labrador Retriever

German Shepherd

Yorkshire Terrier

Golden Retriever






Shih Tzu

Facts on dogs:

The dogs can be as smart as a 2 – year old toddler.

Water slurping way of dogs and cats are same.

Dogs will have a sense of time and they will miss us when we are gone.

Dogs can see even in the darkness with the help of their whiskers.

Dog's paws will have only sweat glands.

A dog's mouth has the ability to exert 320 pounds of pressure.

A 1 year old puppy can behave as mature as 15 year old human.

Dogs will have a sense of smell 10 million times better than humans.

Dog's hearing capacity is 4 times as far as ours.

Dogs have the ability of smelling our feelings.

Types of breeding techniques:

Line breeding:

It includes specific traits to the next generations on a continuous basis.



Those traits and characteristics are set with increasing homozygosity.

Back breeding:

It is an inbreeding where the mating of one dog with another occurs.

Out crossing:

It is method of introducing new characteristics on the bloodline which can be improved and reinforced later.

Grading up:

It is the starting up method with an average stock then comes gradual improvement by increasing the quality of external blood to the dogs.

Out breeding:

It is used for the breeding of hybrid varieties and crosses like Labradooodle, Cockapoo etc.

Dog breeding supplies:

A lot of supplies are needed for a dog breeder to care for his dogs. It is quite tough to list out all of them here but there are some major essentials that every breeder ought to own.

Kennel runs and boxed kennels

Playpens for puppies and dogs

Whelping kit and whelping box

Milk replacers for puppies

Heaters and heating pads for dog houses

Cleaner and disinfectants for kennels

Flea powders for dogs

Dogs anxiety vests

Food containers

Automated dog feeders

Grooming supplies:





Nail clippers

Ear cleaners




Kennel management:

Kennel managements involves various processes like licensing, cleaning, health and safety and taxes. It also requires a strong building of relationship with various personalities like breeders, judges, pet brands, influencers and online communities. Once if the relationship has been created with them, it must be nurtured further by listening to them and meeting them whenever possible.

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