Excel Sheet: A way to manage Dog records

Excel Sheet: A way to manage Dog records


With more of the dog owners keeping the track of the dog health, it is necessary to understand that the dog is also a precious gift just like any other human being. The dog needs to be taken care the same way from taking to vet, to the proper feeding. The dog has to be guarded of all kinds of issues which occur in the neighbourhood from guarding from the rowdy agents who roam around in society to the thieves who take away the healthy pups.

There have been many instances when a personal loss to the dog owner is done which results in not able to get the dog back. The love and care which the dog needs during the early stage of life is very much needed. From kennel management to keeping the food ready for the dog with nutritious value is needed so that they should not feel astray and be healthy.

Although, the dog owners get the receipt when they visit to the vet for the vaccination of the dog but also it is necessary to keep a record of every visit to the vet. From, understanding the value of vaccination to keeping the medicines ready, it is very much needed to keep a read reckoner in an excel sheet which is one of the easiest way to manage dog records.

The dog will remain healthy and away from any subsequent disease if a healthy lifestyle is adopted. The dog foods has all nutrients in it and also it has to be understood that they are carnivorous in nature, it is necessary to arrange meat for them. The dog whether it is American Bully or any other bully breed has to be understood that since their quality is all about being the wild and coming from wolves background, attacking in sense of danger is their forte. The more of the pet variety such as French Bulldog is

So, however, tamed a dog is it is necessary that one should not make them irate and take care of the needs. One has to understand that a dog lives not more than 12-14 years and in some, they do not give their best after 8 years of life. One should give the best to the dog as they are the companion for life and help us to give the best in terms of our life thus standing out to be a true companion.

The daily record keeping and maintaining of the charts in excel sheet help to know the vet about the early medication provided to the dog. If you have a dog and the friend of yours carries a female dog, then try to coincide the visit to the vets at the same time. Since, dog has its own social network and behaves more or less like a child one can observe that in the name of going to the vet makes them shiver and they try to run away. With a little bit of comfort which the dog can get in the presence of the female companion can give them an easy way to visit the vet. 

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