First ever A.B.K.C. show in Wichita

First ever A.B.K.C. show in Wichita

For the first time, Wichita plays host to a dog show unlike any other. 
It's not your typical kennel club, all of the dogs in this group have something in common. 

Dog handlers from all over the country who are a part of the American Bully Kennel Club or A.B.K.C spent Saturday at Century II.  

Exhibitors says it's not as much about the ribbons and trophies as it is about knowledge of the breeds. 

Bowser, a grand champion American Bully, part of Alex Ferraro's Double D's Bully Camp Kennel in Winfield. Ferraro might argue with the other handlers his dogs are the best. 
"Everyone thinks you know since I have a kennel my dog sleeps in a kennel, no he sleeps in my bed, I'm with him 24 7," Ferraro said.

But at the end of the day, Ferraro is glad to know he's not the only one with the love of American Bullies. 

"There are so many people out there that this brings so many people from so many walks of life together," Ferraro said. 

Several different kennels from Kansas represented in Saturday's show. For the love of dogs, and to see friends they've met on tour.
"It's a family. More of a family than a group," Brandon Walker with Midwest Collaboration said.

Shows like this one have been going on since 2004. When the American Bully Kennel Club established, but this is the first of its kind for Wichita. Something organizer Orlando Mijares said has been a long time coming. 
"I think it is a huge step forward and changing the opinion of the breed and my hope is to show this side and show Wichita these dogs aren't bad," Mijares said.

In Wichita there are laws requiring all dogs that resemble a pit bull to be fixed and micro-chipped, but Mijares says it's laws like these that stereotype dogs in the bully family as aggressive. "They are often misunderstood and vilified, but there are good and bad dogs in every breed."

Dogs of all shapes and sizes were shown. Six breeds in all. From popular breeds, the French Bull dog to up and coming breeds like the Shorty Bull. 

The goal of the A.B.K.C. is to bring people together for their love of the breed and to help break down a negative stereotype of both the breed and people.

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