Keep your dog healthy by giving the right diet

 The right diet is the key to dog's good health. Giving Dog Food is not just enough. You need to give him a properly balanced meal for growth and development. Given below are the best homemade diets for your dogs which have all the necessary nutrients.

Frozen cubes

If your dog is among those pets who love chasing ice than this dish will be surely loved by him.

You need to mix frozen yoghurt plus fresh fruit juice without sugar and carrots. Blend all the ingredients and put it in an ice tray. Let the mixture freeze.

Yoghurt has the right amount of proteins and is good for digestion.

So make this dish and give your dog this treat as a snack. He will surely love it. 

Chicken Mash

Chicken Mash is quite simple and is loved by the dogs. For preparing this you require boiled chicken, white rice and water.

What you need to do is boil some chicken in water by adding little turmeric. Store the water and chicken mixture.

Now put rice in a bowl and add the mixture of chicken and water and mix it nicely.

Give this to your dog. He will simply love it. You can even add some cereals or yoghurt in it.

 Homemade Dog Treats

To make your dog understand the difference between good and bad, you actually need to reward him. For his good acts, you can reward him by giving these cookies.

For making the cookies you require chicken, oats and eggs.

Now mix the ingredients and make a proper dough. After that bake the mixture.

Once the cookies are ready, cut them into small pieces and give them to your dog when he does something nice.

You can even give him sometimes as an evening snack.


 Chicken Jerky Strips

For the people who are working and wish to give their dog a healthy diet, they can opt for this option. It is quite easy to prepare.

Get some chicken breast and cut them into pieces. You can marinate it with yoghurt and turmeric mixed in it.

Later on just bake the strips and serve them to your dog.

He will relish the dish and it is quite a healthy food to serve.

Some foods which should be avoided

It is not just about giving the right diet to your dog but it is even important to avoid certain ingredients which are harmful to him. Given below is the list of them.


Onions and garlic


Grapes and raisins

Macadamia nuts

Raw bread dough


These ingredients are quite harmful to the dog and can let him face serious problems. It can even lead to the death of your dog.

 So it is very important to take good care of your dog by providing him with the right dog food. After all, he is your family member, so take good care of him.


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