Man Convicted of 214 Counts of Dog Fighting and Animal Cruelty Was Sentenced to 50 Years

In August 2017, police in Polk County, Georgia received a tip that dogs were being abused and neglected in the woods. Upon investigating this tip, police found that the rumor was true, and it was worse than they could have imagined: They discovered around 100 dogs who had been abused and abandoned, many of whom were literally starving to death. Police connected a man named Devechio Rowland with the unimaginable mistreatment of these poor creatures and promptly arrested him. Now, almost a year later, Rowland has been convicted on 214 counts, half of which are for dog fighting and the rest of which are misdemeanors for animal cruelty. Subsequently, Rowland was sentenced to 15 years in prison and ...Read more

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