People before Pitbulls. (Regulating the breed) ?

Yet again Phillip Alexander strikes again with his ignorant rants and even took it a step further by creating a Facebook Group.A cry for attention to get in the political world Mr Alexander will do anything for that opportunity,even use kids to try and buy the hearts of there parents.After a fail attempt with the children's march,he's in route again to try and slander the Pitbull breed since its a Hot Topic in Trinidad and Tobago to get national attention.

Well he did,it reach people in over 100 Facebook Pitbull/bully Groups all over the world,for a guy who never owned such breed why and for what reason besides to get recognition in the political world are you so harsh on this breed.This breed of animal is the most misunderstood of any kind,to add to the already damage image's of the breed Mr Alexander's Facebook Group only show the bad side of the breed,and does not verify the gruesome pictures of dog attacks on humans was committed by Pitbulls,but stated in his post Pitbull type dogs.

What is a Pitbull type Dog? His definition anything with brindle stripes, muscular head and vicious.There are more murders in the country than Pitbull bites in 10 years combine Mr Alexander why not start with that issue instead of bashing animals that can't speak for themselves,your clearly a coward and is looking for the easy way out,so u pick on something that won't appear in front your office when you say things they don't like.

Here is Mr Alexander cry for attention to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago:

Letter to the Attorney General - (Dangerous Dog Law)

Dear Mr. Attorney General,

I write this to you as a concerned citizen over your decision to put off having the Dangerous Dog Bill proclaimed into law and I believe that you may be mistakingly putting the greater number at risk to satisfy the clamouring needs of the few. The fact remains that you, like every other informed citizen have a respon...sibility to the public to push past misinformation and focus on the facts as they exist, and the indisputable fact of the matter is that pitbulls and mixed pitbull dogs are far and away the number one killer of people among all dog breeds and is overwhelmingly responsible for more random and vicious attacks against owners and strangers alike than any other dog in the world.

The reality of the situation as you are most probably aware is that breed specific legislation exists worldwide for this one breed of dog only and this is not by coincidence. This animal's reputation as a killer of people is well deserved and is responsible for more human deaths than any other breed of dog to date, bar none. Arguments have been made that all dogs can bite and this is a fact, but the pitbull terrier and its derivatives are more predisposed to attack and requires much less aggression training to turn a strong and determined animal into a killing machine. Even the pro-pitbull lobby are well aware of the animal's nefarious reputation and deliberately avoid even using the name pitbull in their organization's names for fear of alienating the public at large.

The Dangerous Dog Bill as it exists calls for the registration of these animals so as to trace ownership should the animal escape and kill someone, to prevent the owner abandoning the dog out of fear of prosecution. For us to remove this key component of the law is to aid and abet and bring comfort to the irresponsible and the recalcitrant alike, those who put the innocent at risk to grave injury and death for fad, fashion and profit. Owning any dangerous weapon MUST come with responsibility for ownership, and ownership of a dangerous weapon with a mind of its own should be even more strict in this regard. The onus HAS to be placed on the dog's owner to protect the public, and where this fails there ought to be serious and onerous consequences, which the Bill also provides and it is this more than anything else the irresponsible breeders fear the most. In my research into this matter I have learnt some horrifying statistics, that most people attacked by pitbulls, if they survive, never fully recover. The losses multiply exponentially beyond the cost of medical care and reconstructive surgery as many lose the use of limbs and other body parts to some degree, affecting their capacity to earn a living in the manner they could prior to the attack. Imagine if you will the skilled brain surgeon attacked and damaged for life who can no longer provide his service to humanity, of what value is an insurance check to him and those to whom his loss is their loss as well? What of the children of a young single mother who can no longer look after them the way she could before because she has lost the use of an arm. The child whose face was ripped off because a 'responsible' owner's electric gate failed for a minute, turning an otherwise idyllic day into a horror? We are morally bound to feel for these people and for all those left to mourn the ones who sadly never recovered at all and stand up in their defense and to prevent these tragadies from occuring in the future.

There is an old saying that my right to swing my fist stops at the other person's right to not be hit in the face, and in this instance and in this regard nothing could be more apt. I urge you to see these animals not just for what they are but for their potential for destruction and to use your good office to protect the people from that. There may be times and instances where wild and aggressive animals can be introduced into civil society, but it must be guided cautiously and regulated strenuously to protect the public at large. This is one such instance and agin I urge you, proclaim the Dangerous Dog Bill now.


Am asking all Pitbull / Bully lovers to join me to get rid of this Facebook Group thank you

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  • That guy is clearly an asshole crying for attention
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