Pit bull almost dies saving young kids from copperhead snake bite

A pit bull is recovering from a poisonous-snake bite after standing between the reptile and two young children in a Florida back yard.

Slayer and his canine buddy Paco confronted the snake as a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old were playing in Brandon, a suburb of Tampa, said their grandmother Melissa Butt, according to Fox 35.

Slayer, 3, who was bitten on the snout, went home from the veterinarian on Wednesday after being treated with two doses of antivenin, according to Frankie's Friends, a Tampa-based charitable pet foundation that said it helped pay for the dog's treatment.

Butt told Fox 35 that the snake bit both dogs as her grandkids were just a few feet away.

Frankie’s Friends identified the snake as a copperhead. The foundation set up a donation page to help recover some of the costs of the dog’s care.

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  • Nice glad he's still alive
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