Preventing Fear and Aggression

Fear is by far the most common cause of aggression in all dogs ,including bully breeds,and socialization offers your best insurance against fear related aggression.Giving your pup 100 positive socialization experiences in her first 100 days with you is not as daunting as it might sound.You'll find many opportunities in your neighborhood.To enhance her socialization,get into the habit of taking your pup to as many safe place as possible.

Keep a written list of your puppy's socialization exposures,with a goal of a minimum of three new exposures each day until you've reached the 100 mark.Remember these exposures have to be happy ones for your pup.It's your job to prevent people from overwhelming her :no yelling ,rough physical handling,harsh verbal reprimands or hitting.

If you notice that your pup acts slightly worried about something,give her a positive association with it by feeding tasty treats while keeping the person or thing at a distance.If you see she's very frightened of something,take her farther away or make the person or thing go farther  away to a distance where she's only a little worried and then feed treats there.If she still acts frightened,even with the scary thing at a distance,take her away completely.If you see persistent fear despite your efforts to socialize and create good associations,consult a qualified positive behavior professional.

Consider these suggestions for your 100 experiences:

1.Your mail carrier ,ask him to feed her treats

2.Your neighbor ,this can count as several introductions if you live in a diverse neighborhood.if your neighborhood is homogenous,try a park or a bench in front your local libary

3.Tall and short men

4.Tall and short women

5.Babies in stroller

6.Children on bikes and skate boards

7.people playing sports

8.Any place of business that doesn't say "No Dogs" on the door

Now your well on your way ,and you get to think up the rest.happy socializing !

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  • My female diamond was shy when I first got her.They guy I bought her from had kept her out in a kennel with no contact what so ever.It took me a while,but I just kept her inside with me and around anyone who ever came over.She had ended being one of the best dogs I've ever owned.

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