Selecting breeding stock

When selecting breeding stock, its best to look at health & temperament first. The most physically impressive specimens mean nothing without good health & temperament. After all these are still our pets and it's our responsibility to make sure they live long, happy & health lives, whether or not they grow to become show stock, breeding stock or pets. Only after researching the lines of the stock you're about to use should you move onto the look of the stock. Study the breed standard & make sure you have a very good understanding of the breed & what you're looking for. Its very difficult to know what to look for if you have no idea what you're looking at! Try to stick with stock that has a consistent look. It's hard to run a successful program without any consistency. You're looking for dogs that are the most compete as per the written standard, not what you think it should be . Try your best NOT to make breeding like putting together a puzzle. Meaning try not get a dog that has 1 or 2 good attributes & breed him to your average bitch that is missing those 1 or 2 attributes your male has. Can you still produce something off this? Yes, of course but it's still not the best route in the long run, because even though you may have seen the good. The bad & the ugly are sure to follow. This is a question I get a lot. I hope folks found this helpful. It'll be nice to hear how others have went about selecting breeding stock over the years as well. Knowledge is power. Please share what you've learned. Thx!
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