So they Say...............

Once a dog taste's over......... the dog is no good anymore, it will never be the same, or at least that is what they said. 

The APBT has been in the spotlight for many, many years.  It has developed a bad wrap by the idiotic media that continues to feeds assumptions from Dumb Asses!  One of the things that chaps my ass is when I hear radio stations or big time bloggers and writers tell stories of how people are making there dogs……. fighting dogs and aggressive.  Here are a few of them and my thoughts.

1.  People feed there dogs gun powder to make them fighting dogs…… Don't be stupid!  This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.  How about saving that gun powder in the bullet and shoving it where the sun don't shine?  I have been around bulldoggers a very long time.  I have never seen a true dogger even think about this.

2.  Lock your dog in a dark closet and don't feed it………. Ok, lock yourself in the closet and don't eat….. did it make you angry and want to come out swinging?  Did you just get weak and want something to eat?  I am still not sure how people believe this one, but if you did, stay in the closet buddy.

3.  Get a Bait Dog!  Just throw it in there and let the dog attack it………… People are really clueless.  I would love to really express my thoughts on this, but some dumb ass would probably go do it and I would get sued.  Some of my thoughts would be, lay your ass on a set of train tracks or find a couple of guys that are bigger then you and spit in there face.  See how this helps you be a better fighter.  It probably won't…..

4.  Tie your dog to a chain!  Yeah, this will make him aggressive……. All true bulldog owners know, if you don't keep them separate, you'll come home to a blood bath one day.  Now again, don't be retarded and put a chain on your dog that won't hold a Yorkie.  Also, there is no reason to put one on it that an elephant couldn't pull either.

5.  A spring set up or 2" Collars…………. Yes, I actually read this once in an article of "Things to Watch For to Know if Your Neighbor is Fighting Dogs".  Really…..can you explain how the collar size relates to dog fighting.  Yes, they did.  When I got into the article, they said it helps protect there throats and sometimes owners even put SPIKES on it!  Boy, humans can be real stupid sometimes (then people wonder why I love dogs so much).  Spring work is excellent if you are planning on showing your dog in the future.  It helps develop muscles throughout the dogs body.  It really does work wonders.

6.  FEED YOUR DOG RAW MEET…. This is where I will stop listing peoples dumb thoughts.  It was said "once your dog taste blood, it ain't no good no more"  Yup.  People have claimed that they have seen it.  No fool, your dog has just matured mentally and now, he/she has decided that they want to be the only family pet angel  How many sporting dogs eat raw meat?  Have you ever seen a grey hound in the news for attacking or killing someone?  They eat raw all the time.  In today's dog world, a majority of people feed raw.  You don't see a dog zombie apocalypse in the news do you?  Can you imagine………."DOG OWNERS FEED DOGS RAW MEAT AND NOW THEY ARE EATING EVERYONE"  I bet people would believe it.

Please learn all the ins and outs in any breed you get into.  The APBT will always be close to my heart and mean a lot to me.  I no longer own the breed, but it still bothers me when I see stuff like I posted above.  The APBT was once bred to be a BOX dog.  Human aggressiveness was a major flaw in the breed and in my opinion still should be.  I have yet to see an actual "PURE BRED" in the news because it killed or bit someone.

If your cheap ass bought a pup off the corner for $50-$100, please don't label it as an APBT.  This is one of the things that gives this breed a bad name.

Remember, this dog will mature at some point, so no, the dog didn't just go crazy, you just failed to research your breed.  Socialization is big with this breed, but sometimes, he/she will just turn on.  That is part of it.  You have to channel that energy into something positive.  For those who disagree, then why would there be the terms "Game Dog" or "Cold Dog"?  I will give you the reality and the facts not the bullshit.

To all the idiots who believe the media hype, game dogs are bred buddy.  You can't make a dog "Game", fighting dog or whatever you want to call it, so don't try, because when you do, you will loose.  If you get one, you better damn well be prepared to house it and keep your eyes on it 110%, because I learned the hard way and spent a lot of money on dogs (that some of my other dogs killed), vet bills (for my dogs as well as the neighbors), and finally proper set ups and chain spots (it's ok, they were over 25 feet long each).

These are amazing dogs with desire that is incomparable.  Join local dog groups and do positive things with the breed.  If you are not sure, ask someone that has been in it for at least over 10-12 years (when the true APBT still existed).  Some people might still have it, but trust me, they got it from someone that was in it a long time.

Remember there are two types of Humans, those who learn by seeing and those who learn from what they hear.  Humans are easily influenced.  This is very important so keep that in mind when you are selling to a new owner!  They will learn from you and how you are set up, what you feed, and your habits.

As owners, please be responsible.  I will be putting together something real soon that will show proper up keep and enclosures for this breed.  I will show chain setups and the proper feeding.  This will be later though because I also have dogs, kids, full time job (that damn near counts as two!), part time job, husband, dog handler, and mentor.  I stay busy.

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