The American pit bull terrier makes an excellent police dog. This is due the the fact that they are an extremely athletic and versatile dog breed that is capable of long training, strenuous workout routines, as well as stability around people of all ages and other dogs.

“The American Pit Bull Terrier is the product of interbreeding between pit terriers and a breed of bulldogs.” These breed of dogs combine the game instinct of terriers with the physique of the bulldogs. They are the most ‘American’ of dogs, and are used for hunting, driving livestock, and are trusty household pets. They also facilitate as police dogs and therapy dogs, and are known for their aggressive nature.

Police dogs are used for a number of tasks. The one task in particular that the American Pitbull excels in is search and rescue. Through trial and tribulations, trainers found out that other breeds of dogs are more likely to give up before the APBT when during a search and rescue mission. This may be a victim of a natural disaster, or even a missing person. What ever the case is, the need for a dog with great drive and determination is needed for this type of task.

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