The True APBT is almost Extinct!

The True APBT is almost Extinct!


I know I post a lot about the APBT, but it is my all time favorite breed. 

One of the greatest breeds of all times is possibly going extinct.  It is an endangered breed.  Not only because of the Government, but because of the so called "breeders" that no longer breed to the standard.

The breed has been ruined.  It has been breed for "what people want" vs. the breed standard.  I have been added to several APBT Only groups and what do I see?  Nothing but over sized blue dogs..... why?  

I have seen this breed crossed with Am Staff, Patterdales, Dogue de Bordeaux and more..... and then get called an APBT.  The dog should not be huge, it should not be blue or purple, and definitely should NOT be human aggressive.  

Until people stop breeding for "what they like" and start breeding for standard, this breed will no longer exist in the future.  If you don't like the breed, find something close to what you like instead of trying to change what is great.   If you don't want a dog that might eventually turn out to be dog aggressive, get a lap dog.  If you do not want a dog that is lean and muscular, get you a fat dog like an english bulldog.  

Research the breeds and find out what fits your life style and quit trying to recreate what was once great.  Tree huggers have hurt this breed more than helped it.  Educate yourself first and then make a decision.  It is not hard. 

Buying a dog isn't like ordering something of a menu then trying to change it.  You are affecting the breed in its entirety for the next several years.

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  • I hope they are going back to the original...... What people fail to realize is that these dogs were not meant to be big or human aggressive. 

  • i think more and more ppl are going back to these functional animals 

  • I want to say that i do mostly agree with your complaint not with the fact that its going extinct but the main point of the cross breeding and what people call a pit bull anymore. But i do also have to say that as with any dog breed the pit bull originally came from doing exactly what your complaint is against. Those large blue dogs are not what you like in a dog. I personally agree. But on the other hand i love blue meryl pitts to, and those dogs were originally mutts but to someone that isn't planning on showing their dogs that is an option and thanks to selective breeding to get back to the standards short of color they are a pitt in every other way. Im just saying if someone hadn't done exactly what your complaining about we wouldnt have this wonderful breed.
  • Just shared a few times. 

  • I am from Texas and can grab one at will. I understand the purest are well kept but a lot of ignorant people keep calling there bs what it is not. That was the main purpose.
  • Listen, the true game bred APBT is not extinct nor nearly extinct, these mixed bred bandogs and American Bullies are not pitbulls and extremely far from it, in fact theres more staff blood in bullies including the rest of the bullshit it's tainted with. The true APBT is still it's own breed and in the safe hands and yards of real PITBULL Terrier fanciers and breeders of the breed, not Am Staff, not staffordshire bull terriers and not bullies,--- PITBULL TERRIERS. The bullshit mixing thats going on with the lames and ignorant individuals will never have a bearing on the direction that the true APBT is headed because real Pit fanciers and pioneers of the breed will remain true to the breed even if we also breed real American Bullies, we know the difference and theres way too many of us that love the APBT to worry about it fading away, trust and believe. I dont know where your from and maybe your having a hard time locating a real APBT but there well concentrated and sitting on the yards of real responsible owners and breeders that truly understand and have grasped the concept that our beloved breed isn't for everyone and making sure each individual pup goes to a serious and stable home where they'll be loved and brought up in the right form and fashion. Enough ignorant ill minded individuals have turned our breed into a negative attraction and society has targeted them long enough.

  • Change and color variation will come whether we like it or not....... true.  But that is because people breed for opinion vs standard.  If a standard does not matter, then why does it exist?  The issue is that the APBT has a dominant gene pool, so when crossed, the pups will resemble the breed.  Guess what, when people were out there trying to create a certain look during their cross, they didn't focus on temperament.  

    Now you have a dog that is unstable.  Say it bites someone (which I know any dog can bite), all of a sudden, in the news, you have a PIT BULL attack.  I could really care less about the American Bully.  I seen when it started.  I seen when Gaff and Razors Edge were huge and started getting crossed up.  I can see the English Bulldog flaws in most peoples so called "pure american bully's".  As far as the APBT never comparing to the AB, I could care less.  Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a choice of breed, but like this breed, people are ruining breeds across the world because they breed for fad instead of standard.  

    Money...... money.... money.......... instead of purpose.  smh............. 

  • great read keep It coming

  • This is true. There are reasons why there are standards. I have heard too many people say things like UKC or AKC set the standard. This is an uneducated statement. They are just registries. They do not set or create the standards. They are given the standards by the parent registries for the breeds. If the dogs is not up to the standard for that specific breed they should not be red. All too often people will mix dogs trying to have something else. We used to call them mutts. No one was really proud to have a mutt. It is just a pet dog. Nothing wrong with mutts. Just get them spayed/neutered so that they don't reproduce and continue to fill our shelters, dog pounds and rescue organizations.

    Also just because you have a pedigree dog it doesn't mean it should e bred. What is that dog going to add to the next generation of dogs? It should be a dog of that is of high standards for that breed. If not it is a only a pet dog. Nothing wrong with having a dog that is just a pet dog. They are great. They can't help protect our homes and families. They can hunt if you like to hunt. They will bring years of enjoyment to our families. Just don;t breed them in hopes of making some money. We all know that is what it is really about with many people that call themselves a breeder. They are really just a con artist or a puppy mill.



    Change and variation come whether we like it or not. There should be standards associated with all breeds but, only for the one competing or being shown;only for the ones being registered. If no one will paper the dogs then they cant be shown or called anything but what they are. ADBA is irrelevant! ABKC, UKC, USBR all have eluded setting standards for $$$$.

    In-fighting and inconsistency within every group in addition to the distraction and influx of newcomers to breeding and pet ownership(who are not up to speed on or are educated about the breeds themselves), vastly more money and popularity than ever before. APBT were and never will be as popular or lucrative as today's Bullies. That's the real hateraide/jealousy.

    What is an American Bully? Do people understand that the America Bully is only one of the   " Bully Breeds "? Why are there so many types of dogs at shows?

    People stack pedigrees to have name recognition, too add value, to add legitimacy. Too often forgetting that the pedigree is only significant if the look matches the ped. Pedigrees are resume's and a brand. You know what you get with Pepsi. Set standards but understand you cant dictate what people like or believe. #Homosexuality,Religion,Politics etc...

    While the plight of the APBT is one to be discussed and paid great attention too, like many others they shouldnt be lumped with other dogs and registries. They should not be considered as the recent predecessors of what you see at the average dog show. Who hung papers, who mixed what....will not impact whats happening now or improve what and how things are happening now.

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