Tips for raising a healthy Pitbull

Tips for raising a healthy Pitbull

Pitbull is quite a ferocious breed among the variety of dogs. This breed is mostly kept by people who have farmhouses or celebrities who need special protection. It is quite a smart dog and even Police use it for the security and investigation purposes. Pitbull is an energetic dog which you should train in a right manner for its growth and development. Given below are some of the points which you should keep in mind while training a Pitbull

Pitbull has a lot of energy. So, the dog requires a good amount of exercise and stimulation. If you own a Pitbull don't make him a lazy bug. Take the dog for proper exercise such as walk, swimming etc.

Pitbull needs good atmosphere for growth. Having a positive aura at home will help him to stay calm and be friendly towards you.

For the toilet training, you should start within the first week you get Pitbull at your place. Just take him out for a walk every hour. For the first week tie a leash to him and then take. Going to the same spot again for this will make him understand toiletry manners better.

If your dog doesn't do shit when you take him out, keep an eye on him. This will help you to know when he wants to go out and you can fix a time for it. When you dog poops inside don't be harsh. This will make him aggressive. Just let him sniff what he has done and take him out. If you do this for a few times, he will understand the manners related to it.

Another important aspect for the healthy growth of Pitbull is to let him socialize. Socializing from the very starting stage is quite important. Tie the dog with a leash and take him out. Let him mix with other people and other pets. If he starts growling, divert his attention by calling his name and taking him to the other zone. This way he will adapt the society where he has to live.

While taking your dog for socialization, keep in mind to take him near puppies. If you take him near big dogs he will get scared and might become aggressive as he is too small  


to handle such things.

Having patience while training the dog is quite important. Don't lose will as Pitbull takes time to grasp things. Don't be harsh in any case as it will make him aggressive. Instead, give rewards to your dog when he does well. Like some biscuit or so. He will understand that this is the right act and you are appreciating him. So this way he will develop good habits.

Another thing which is loved by this dog is a specific routine. Don’t just make his life inconsistent. Follow a strict pattern and he will surely develop into a good dog.

Thus to conclude, giving a proper training to Pitbull is quite important for its healthy growth.

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