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This has always been a touchy subject among Dog Fanciers.  Everyone is wrong and right, at least according to what people post on Facebook and the comments that are left.  Everyone will have there own opinion on what is BREEDABLE and What IS NOT!  A lot of things you will here is, how is the bite, structure, is the dog cow hocked?  What about drive?  Does the dog have it, wait, what is that?  Is it game or has it proven itself?  I could go on and on, but most of you all get the point.  There is so much that needs to be looked at when breeding right?  Wait…….I forgot a few!  Did you test the hips, joints, eyes, and did you DNA test it to see if it produces Rainbow???  Sorry, I had to throw that smart ass comment in there.  These are all great questions and yes, we should consider them, but do we all take this serious?  If so, HOW SERIOUS?

Again, we all have our own vision of the PERFECT DOG, now if it's right or wrong, that's another story.  Every dog has a STANDARD, but Humans have there own Standard sometimes.  BREED WHAT MAKES THE MOST MONEY.  Don't believe me, ask any OLD TIMER that has been in this for the at least 10 years or more.  KEEP IN MIND, No Matter What You Do, SOMONE WILL BE NEGATIVE!!!! That's just the laws of life.

Years of research and MILLIONS of Dollars have gone into breeding our 4 legged friends, BUT, how many of you all have stopped and thought about yourselves?  How many of you all stopped your significant other (Before you all decided to do some breeding of yall's own) and said "WAIT! open your mouth touch your toes, are you bowed legged?"

So when you asked for there pedigree, did they give it to you?  Did you ask for pictures of there parents and grandparents?  Did you ever ask to see pictures of what they produced?

Did you ask them to fill out a Health Survey and ask to see X-Rays of there hips?  Did you ask them what there IQ levels were?

When someone tried to talk to you in the bar or at the store did you say "WOW!  That's a hell of a lazy eye or a receding hairline and that's hereditary, so I can't talk to you!!!"

Have you ever Googled the Human Standard?  Try it.  What did you find?  Now you can Google almost any breed in the world, and Guess What?  They have a Standard that Breeders like us Die By!

Why is that?  Kind of Crazy Right?  Ever wonder what the world would be like if we had to Cull our kids that didn't seem like they would make the cut?  Breeders do it.

People need to realize that Breeding Humans isn't multiplication.  Two Dumb people don't equal a genios.   Did you catch that?  Genius, yes, I know.

Did you ever look at your husband or wife and say……………. maybe I can breed that out of her/him? WHY DO WE EMPHASIZE SO MUCH IN OUR BREEDING PROGRAMS, BUT NOT OUR BREEDING PROGRAM?

People frown on cloning, but what do we do when we try and pull traits and emphasize on them?  Aren't we playing Mother Nature?  If Mother Nature needed us to do this, why does it produce THE ALPHA?

Yes, that was a long sentence, but I had to get that off my chest.  This was just some random thoughts while I was sitting on my throne.  Hope it made you wonder and please share and feel free to comment.  Please don't take anything the wrong way or give negative feedback (or retarded feedback for the slow people).

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