What happened to DRIVE in Bully Breeds?

The bully world has changed significantly and although I understand change is good...... it can also be bad.

All bully breeds come from the bulldog strand which was a working strand, but yet, half of today's bully's cannot even breed on their own, much less work!  Why is this?  Where did we take a left turn?  What happened? 

I see dogs carrying CHAMPION titles that should have been fixed and not shown, I see dogs that win in shows that had issues breathing because the walk around the ring was too much.  How did these dogs become the future for the breed it represents?

When I say bully breed, I include the American Bully, the Olde, the APBT, and anything that contains a bulldog (I won't even mention the English Bulldog because we know the issues those have).  

I have always been into confirmation, but I also understand that politics can play a part in this.  Now since we have working breeds, why is it that very little breeders get involved in weight pull or something of that nature?  

Weight pull, schutzhund, and other activities show one major standard that all bully breeds should possess....... DRIVE!  Some people say, "my dog can run and play all day long", is this drive?  

Did people forget the term DRIVE?  Did they forget SOUND TEMPERAMENT? Do they not look at activities like this because some of the dogs lack drive or they lack the confirmation to perform?  Is it because politics cannot help the dog in this situation? 

Due to the lack of correct confirmation I see daily, I am pretty sure, Drive does not even come up in some breeders programs. 

Whatever the case may be, remember, drive is a big part of the type of breed we breed.  Your dog should be willing to die for you, walk with you until you can't walk anymore (not the other way around), and be willing to go the end of the world and back!  

Who has dogs that have DRIVE?  

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  • I didn't specifically mention just the American Bully and I wouldn't even put the "exotic" in the bully category.... but ok.... Both my dogs in the picture are Oldies I produced. There is more to breeding than money and popularity to some of us.
  • Too many people comparing apples and oranges. There are still working class, game type dogs and breeders, they just aren't as popular. ITS MONEY AND POPULARITY. People need to stop comparing and using standards for dogs bred for expressly different purposes. Pocket and Exotic dogs are lap dogs meant to do nothing but, be family members although they can me bred to be athletic.ADBA, ABKC, UKC, AKC and Westminster all have different charts displaying dogs under the " Bully Breed " banner. Like Boston Terriers.

    " The American Bully breed has been selectively bred to give America’s breed a new direction and outlet. Like with the American Staffordshire Terrier, all the positive characteristics of the breed’s ancestry were kept like loyalty, stability with humans and other physical attributes; but traits of dog aggression and gameness were bred out of the breed because the breed had no future and purpose for those traits. What differentiates this breed from the American Staffordshire Terrier is the physical appearance. This breed is built with heavier bone structure and a “Bullier” build. A reinvented breed was formed with the purpose of being the ultimate companion breed, and this breed is the “American Bully.”....(ABKC website)

    The American Bully is a specific breed of dog within the Bully Breeds. AGAIN, too many people calling Shorty Bulls,an ABKC CREATION THAT THEY REGISTER KNOWING:

    "  I knew I wanted to keep bully traits, so the French Bulldog was added to keep bully traits and to ensure we would not exceed the height standard. Being active with dogs and having a background of working dogs, I knew I wanted things that the typical English Bulldog and French Bulldog lacked...I wanted drive, athleticism, longevity, natural births and overall better health. To get the durability and temperament, I used a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to bring those traits, again, not exceeding my height standard. I knew about throwbacks and was picking my battles..." Jaime Sweet

    Breeders are moving towards other things to remain relevant, good or bad. Breeders are doing multiple things and breeds simultaneously.

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