Bashar Responds to the backlash

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Some photos recently surface of some dogs in kennels filled with feces,and wounds on the paws of some of the dogs..

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  • Question- how old are these pics? If these are old pics n he's came out n owned up to this , why is it starting back up? How was these pics obtained? There's no need to explain if these are years old pics and youve came forth n owned it. Jmo though just curious as to why its coming back up other than hate. 

    • Every few years things like this re emerge and the newbies thinks it's new 

      • Ok thanks cause i see ppl going in on him on different fb boards and asked the same question i asked on here with no reply or response.

        • On the channels page on this site there is a new video of his caretakers clearing up the issue 

        • Also on the fb boards quite a few of them dont seem to be newbies, lol which makes me wonder what happened or who he done fell out with that he thought was cool or had his back

          • It’s Terrell Quincy posted it a few weeks back which we all know have an issue with him but I’ve seen those pics maybe 3 years ago

            • Ok i saw his first post about the dogs , then someone else posted about the kennels , i stay away from tbkc n alot of the other boards cause of all the bashing n sh*t talking cause it benefits no one n definitely not the breed

  • Why they always picking on this guy smh.

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    • Thats gross

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