Bruce Wayne loves his Grand Carpet Mill.

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Bruce Wayne is a 2 year old English staffy that loves to run and has lots of drive.

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  • Nice

  • awesome
  • He got crazy drive
  • I wish my dogs loved to run lol
    • I wish I had that energy. He runs the mill 4 times a day for 10 min a clip. He tries to go on it all day long, but I don't want him to overdue it. He cant get enough of it. Plus he goes for 3 walks a day does his spring pole and plays with the kids. Ridiculous energy.
      • That's some serious drive
      • Wow he should live a long healthy life
        • I really hope so. The other day my buddy brought his female over to breed with Bruce and after he was done doing the deed he jumped on the mill and started running. We were all laughing in amazement lol.
          • I can only imagine
          • Lmao damn that's energy right there
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