Fight broke out at a south florida bully show

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  • I agree this is a disgrace.  Someone is probably boasting about it and don't see how ignorant this was.  Shows no class. The people involved that were displaying that moronic behavior should be banned from any more dog shows and from owning a  dog or other live animals. 

  • I don't care what the fight was about, that should never happen at an event! They need to be banned from future shows. There was no professionalism displayed here. This is a disgrace! Makes me not want to compete anymore if I have to be around people who don't know how to be smarter than fighting. You wanna fight join a fight club, but don't bring that kinda danger to the shows. I hope there were not any kids or dogs hurt during the fight. I hope someone was disciplined. 

  • Can't take black folks no where smh

  • Smh 

  • Lol talk smack on fb get beat up in person 

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