MQH Paul on a Rat

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Paul is working a rat. Paul is a great example of a Patterdale Terrier. These Earth Dog were bred to hunt. Originally they were bred to hunt foxes in England...

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  • What’s that he’s  trying to get?

    • It’s a rat.  I seen it mentioned on this site many times over and over again about dogs should be functional. The dog does not have a function. 


      Paul is a Patterdale Terrier. It was bred to be courageous and to hunt. He used his nose and knew the rat was there. He is driven to get the rat. He won’t willingly leave the rat. Great example of the breed. They will hunt quarry that is bigger than they are. They will get scratched or bitten by a raccoon. That will only make they more determined to kill the nuisance animal. They don’t know that they are small. They will hunt rats, raccoons, Fox, badgers, groundhogs, hogs, and even deer.

      • nice

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