Mr.Clean Exotic Al Capone

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The man who created the #CleanExoticMovement Mr.Clean Exotic Al Capone 

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  • I like his head cute

  • not bad compared to the crap they breed today 

  • Nice dog but thats all he do just stand there no running nothing ?

    • Naw if you go on my page you will see he walks 2 miles a day plus he swims in a pool then hes been in the show ring a few times if you go on my page you would see that but that's why hes a controversial exotic and that's the reason why alot of people dont like him because hes the starter of the #CleanExoticMovement so he can do what the American bullys do with the nice bow out and wow factor 

      • Hey I have videos of my boy walking 2 miles a day like that's really some what that got his name out there to be honest and yes I'll pay you how much 

        • I will promote this video lets see if we can cross 10k views on here by next week 

          • Hey I'll appreciate that if you promote it just make sure the label be Mr.Clean Exotic Al Capone feel me because hes not a train wreck exotic 

        • It's been along time have my heard from you in years you us to be on Facebook roosting people where you been hiding at nice to hear from you 

          • That gets old after a while plus facebook doesn't pay my bills so I deleted my account but I will be on here more often now and I do share the Thisisbully Ig account with the admin 

            • O okay well its dam good to hear from you hey it's a big big show in Miami june 16 will you be in the area 

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