OMEGA spitting his best game to SWIZZ

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OMEGA spitting his best game to SWIZZ.. and it looks like she's willing to hear him out!

All he needed was an opening and he took his shot.

The Home of Venomline | Home to Multiple ABKC Pocket Champions

✓ Several ABKC Champions Produced

✓ Show Quality American Bullies With Mass

✓ "Wow Factor" Dogs that exude "breed type" There's no mistaking our dogs for an American Pit Bull Terrier..

Our dogs will stop traffic yet still able to excel in the Show Ring.

✓ Functional: Dogs that are athletic & can move despite the muscle and mass they carry.

✓ As much bone as the "Top Exotics" without the mess. Our dogs don't need to be wheeled around in a stroller.

Most importantly we are a family kennel, and we love this breed. Our dogs live indoors, are properly socialized and not kept locked up in kennels all day.

They are loved as part of our family.

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