The Purebred Crisis: How dogs are being deformed in the name of fashion

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Instagram loves flat-faced dogs. But they're facing a health crisis and no one can agree how to save them. We talk to a breeder, the RSPCA, the AVA and an ow...

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  • This is a huge problem.  But I'm not certain it can be repaired. The problem didn't start because they are purebred. The standard for this breed is not close to the original standard. The original standard was for a fully functional dog. Today's standard the dog has no function. Those breeders many years ago bred for an exegerated feature and messed up royally.  Then said this what everyone should want. This did not improve the breed. It made it much worse. 


    As a breeder I used to say I want to improve the breed. I no longer say or mean that. It is my desire to reproduce dogs that maintain the standards.  That is both in looks and function. I'm not trying to change it. 

  • Attorney , true but you also have to look at everyone using the exact same blood, may be a different male or female but the peds are far from different and this is also not good for the breed imo.

  • Terence Harris  it's taking the breed backwards but I see the exotics are fading away now so hopefully everyone gets back on the right track breeding correct dogs

  • The way some of these dogs are being bred is sad, health is taking a backseat for money.

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